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The precision machining and techniques used for military machining are vital for both the protection of the armed forces and national security. The stakes are high within the military industry; all machined parts and screw machined products for military assemblies must be accurate and strong. Aaero Swiss is dedicated to the stringent requirements of this industry and the security of our military troops. We successfully complete parts implemented in a variety of military products.

Select Machine Parts

  • Apache Helicopters
  • M1a1 Tanks
  • Missiles
  • Military Ships
  • Fighter Aircrafts

Aaero Swiss takes on projects that involve some of the tightest tolerances in the world. The military industry and the armed forces trust us to manufacture their machined parts because of our dedicated staff and complete in house capabilities.

Machining Capabilities

We employ an impressive variety of advanced machines in our jobshop. Because of this, we are able to fabricate projects completely in house. We value accuracy so highly that we monitor every process in the fabrication of machined parts. Parts for the military industry must be stable, transportable and made from quality resources. Aaero Swiss has experience working with lightweight and versatile materials. We successfully fabricate the smallest screws, spacers and standoffs used in larger components such as artillery and tanks.

Materials Utilized

Aaero Swiss understands the stringent demands the military puts on their machined parts and screw machined products. We look forward to meeting your military machining challenges.

Contact us today for more information about our military machining solutions and our dedication to our nation’s armed forces. Request a Quote to get started with Aaero Swiss today.

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