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Alongside micromachining and precision CNC machining, Aaero Swiss is also a leader and innovator in the Swiss machining industry. Since our company’s start in 2001, we have continuously expanded our capabilities and enhanced our facilities. We are world renown as a leading manufacturer of Swiss machined products and components to numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Swiss Machines Utilized

  • L20 6Axis Citizen CNC
  • L16 4Axis Citizen CNC

Swiss machining is a process for the machining of exceptionally intricate parts. Whether working on a single prototype or a large volume production, we take care to ensure you receive the quality screw machine products you are looking for.

Developing its name from the well-known, precise Swiss watch-making techniques, Swiss machining is necessary for the tightest tolerances. For example, we fabricate products that are often extremely intricate and challenge traditional machining techniques. Aaero Swiss ensures the development of minuscule medical components with accuracy, speed and cost-efficiency in our precision medical machining.

Precision Medical Machining Components

  • Ventilator Components
  • Bone Screws
  • Pump Components
  • Valves
  • Scalpels
  • Sutures
  • Respirator Components
  • Medical Implants

Aaero Swiss has long standing expertise in Swiss screw machining and screw machine products. As shown in our company name, Swiss machining is a major part of our business ideology and reputation. Our customers are delighted in the dedication we show in providing quality Swiss machining for the medical, dental, defense and other such advanced industries. We adhere to the Swiss machining advancements and enhancements in technique and equipment. Aaero Swiss is confident in its position as a Swiss machining innovator, particularly within the medical and defense industries.

Contact us to learn more about Aaero Swiss. We excel in Swiss machining, micromachining and screw machine products. We are dedicated to exceptional precision medical machining.

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