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Aaero Swiss supplies precision CNC machining services with a quick turn-around for high or low volume orders in the Loss Angeles, California area.

At Aaero Swiss, our dedicated and skilled employees are backed by their many years of combined CNC machining experience. We are well-known for our innovation in medical components machining. Our experience and knowledge in the medical machining industry makes us ready for the manufacturing and machining of medical screws, dental implants and precision components for other medical products.

Industries Served:

At Aaero Swiss California, we guarantee the results you expect in various machining processes such as micromachining, titanium machining, Swiss machining, screw machining and other custom machining. You can be sure you’ll receive quality products you can trust.

Our excellence in machining is utilized through CNC milling, CNC turning, micromachining, and Swiss machining needs. Our Orange County, California Machine Shop is a state of the art facility where we work on multiple projects at a time. Our various machining capabilities ensure we are able to be a one-stop-shop for our customers. We look forward to working with you on any machining project, whether you're in the Los Angeles, CA area or across the country.

Aaero Swiss Machining Services:

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Aaero Swiss Delivers Precision Medical Machining

Aaero Swiss, a leader in precision CNC machining, delivers some of the finest medical machining services available in the industry today. Their dedication to accuracy and quality has made them on of southern California’s finest precision machining companies for over a decade... Read More

Aaero Swiss offers professional and technologically advanced machining solutions, as well as personalized client services. Our highly skilled employees work on providing customized parts guaranteed to match every client’s unique needs. Our acquired knowledge and experience in all aspects of precision CNC machining and Swiss machining certifies Aaero Swiss in nearly any project.

Contact us to learn more about how Aaero Swiss can help you with your precision CNC machining needs. We provide various machining methods, including screw machining, to Los Angeles and the surrounding Orange County, Southern California area.

Precision Medical Machining
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