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Custom Dental Machining

Aaero Swiss California has an innovative and proven background in dental machining. We have produced various components through precision CNC machining for the dental industry. We uphold our dedication to quality and adhere to the stringent quality standards of the dental health industry. Dental and medical specialized screw machine products and components are subjected to as much or more pressure and demand as industrial and commercial components. The machining of dental components requires tight tolerances, which generally requires Swiss CNC machining.

Precision dental Machining parts

Dental Machining Components

  • Bone screws
  • Brass Inserts
  • Abutments
  • Sleeves
  • Titanium mounting screws
  • Orthodontic components
  • Reamers

By utilizing precision CNC machining and titanium machining, we create titanium dental implants, bone screws and precision dental tools. In dental machining, to produce the screw machine products and components right the first time, we use our CNC Swiss turning machines in our advanced jobshop. We use a variety of titanium machining methods to complete the screw machine products accurately and efficiently.

All Swiss dental machining is conducted on site, in our facilities and we monitor the manufacturing process every step of the way. Our engineers have hands-on experience in all areas of dental machining techniques. We ensure precision, efficiency and a final product that will meet or exceed the desired results.

The materials used in fabricating dental components are directly related to the actual performance of the part. We manufacture dental components using high quality stainless steel, titanium and other materials guaranteed to meet the dental industry standards. With an experienced staff working with our technologically advanced machines, our CNC Swiss dental machining is industry leading. Aaero Swiss is a known innovator in dental parts machining.

Dental Machining Turn Around

At Aaero Swiss California, our dental machining experts are not only well versed in the exacting specifications required by the dental industry, but our professional staff will also complete your custom dental machining project on time and done right.

We are capable of managing quick turn arounds for both high volume and low volume dental machining projects. We can also assist you in prototype machining. We like to think of our Los Angeles, California machining center as your one stop dental machining shop, and we hope you do as well.

Dental Machining Methods

Contact us today regarding your CNC Swiss machining and dental machining needs. Aaero Swiss excels in screw machine products and titanium machining and looks forward to tackling your dental component project.

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